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A roomy cafe in the heart of Nolita


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I always get their veggie panini. It comes with a side salad. Their sauteed spinach is also very good. The food is fresh, consistently delicious, and the delivery isn't bad (about 30 - 45 minutes). They're good with substitutions. I don't like goat cheese so they substitute it with mozzarella! :)


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I love Fiat Cafe!!!!!!! Best breakfast spot thus far in my area. Little pricey though. I just wish the salad didn't come in the same container as the eggs or sandwich because it can get soggy from the dressing on the salad.


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The Go To for Italian food To Go.
Love them for years, generous portions and pasta always cooked to al dent perfection.
For the sweet tooth their chocolate Mousse is to die for!


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I really enjoy this place! I find their prices reasonable and their food tasty. They're one of my favorite places to order from when I'm at work.


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veggie panini and goat cheese out of this world, delivery fast.... They are also very accommodating when it comes to substitutions.....

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This is just my personal experience. I'm probably not the most qualified food reviewer of all time, but when I say the following I say it from what I know. In terms of overall quality of preparation this has to be one of the best take out restaurants I've ever gotten in NYC. I've lived here 23 years too- no Italian establishment- TAKE OUT WISE- has come close. Value is great. Flavor is above average and executed well, but that's not even the real winning element here. There is this indescribable homeiness to the food here. They have this chicken stew of some sort that definitely fits the bill, as does the Penne a la Vodka. Factoring in that element enhances their value even more. Food is never late (for us anyway). The prices are wow- especially compared to a great deal of other take out restaurants in the vicinity. I really cannot recommend this place enough.


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I never write reviews so here's my first. I figured I have to write a review because I always order from here when I'm at work. The food is absolutely outstanding. I personally love the veggie panini, it's literally to-die-for! I also like their poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, their eggplant parmigiana is excellent as well. I haven't experienced everything on their menu but everything that I have ordered has been nothing short of amazing. And to add the cherry on top, the delivery guy is incredibly friendly. He's always smiling and has been the only one I've encountered for delivery. He's really great! Thanks Fiat Cafe, I love you :)


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I was very impressed with both the food and the service from this restaurant. I gave them the wrong address and they still delivered within the time promised, and they did forget one soda but the gentleman delivered our food, left, went back to the restaurant, and returned just for the missing soda. He also came all the way into the building when I told him in my instructions that I did not mind coming out front rather then him navigating our oddly mapped office. PLUS my food was really good and my co-worker said it was some of the best lasagnas he ever had. We will be ordering from here again soon.

Kimberly and Dylan

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I ordered from Fiat Cafe for the first time and I'll definitely be ordering again. Prompt delivery and great dinner. We ordered the Sauted Chicken Entree, Prosciutto di Parma & Mozzarella and the broccoli. The chicken was delicious- I wish I had ordered some bread to dip in the leftover sauce (it was a very light/water-y broth, so a healthy option). I loved the prosciutto/mozzarella, but the broccoli wasn't my favorite- next time I'll order the roasted veggies. All in all a nice break from our usual Thai and Chinese orders- Fiat was great.


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I've had my bumps in the road with Fiat Cafe and feel like their wait staff is sometimes a bit iffy - the kitchen staff seems completely on point so the food is always good, but the experience with a certain waitress is always weird and can affect your experience and meal, so I've been preferring to order from Seamless. Funnily enough, I thought it was just me but a few other friends in the neighborhood mentioned the exact same thing so it's kind of a little neighborhood joke.

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